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photo_tree3We provide Philanthropic Advisory Services for wealthy families who want to coordinate and affect their own charitable interests without the need to directly hire an independent staff or office.

These services include assisting clients in choosing between direct gifts, establishing donor advised funds, working with independent community foundations, or helping to create their own private foundations that allow an enduring charitable legacy. In the latter case, we assist in managing the meeting agendas, recording minutes, and implementing trustee decisions.

More importantly, we provide research and necessary analysis of how donors can most effectively leverage their gifts to achieve their charitable goals. These efforts include screening prospective recipients for their capabilities and establishing benchmarks to gauge the success of grants that have been made.

We serve as an integrator between the wishes of the family decision makers and the many donor applicants who approach the family for assistance. We provide a conduit that protects the family from undue attention or grant requests, while insuring that meaningful charitable opportunities that match the family interests are included in the review process.

We provide specialized portfolio management services for charitable assets, including creating socially screened portfolios that match the charitable mission with investments. We also identify and provide due diligence on Socially Responsible Investments (SRIs) that provide investment returns in areas that have positive impacts on charitable purposes.